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    HelenaDia d.o.o., Serbia

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    Design, Shop, CMS

Welcome to the world of unique, handmade jewelry Helena Dia. Imagined and designed by successful Serbian lady entrepreneur Jelena Jevrić, each peace from her collections was crafted with soul and goal to grab the hearts of millions of women worldwide.



About the Brand

When we met HelenaDia, it was an offline brand and only sales and promotional channel for the products was Facebook fan page which was not enough to generate more sales and to open new markets. Our team was invited to help about overall digital strategy and the results were just as expected.


Our Approach

First we did market analysis to check for competitors so that we gain general overview of the industry and to be able to come out with equally unique web solution as the HelenaDIa jewelry is. We spent days working together with the client about multiple concepts and approaches and soon winning idea was found.



Selling products via the web shop was definitely the solution on how to show to the world beauty and quality of the products, but it was not enough. All products needed to be presented on special way so the customer can get good impression of the materials used, jewelry size and general style.



Of course, it needed to be super simple for customers to make an order via the webshop and to make instant payment with different payment methods. Not to mention that website had to be mobile friendly and to run fast even on the mobile networks. With this amount of large images, it was a great challenge.


Results & Feedback

Now, only year and a half after the webshop was launched, we are proud to know that we have helped HelenaDia brand and company to grow and to become globally recognized. Now HelenaDia has four times more employees, and even some worldwide famous singers and fashion bloggers wear and talk about HelenaDia jewelry.