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When first launched in 2014, The PizzApp was the first food ordering app in Zagreb, capital of Croatia, now it covers more than 15 cities – almost entire country. At the beginning, it was only food and drinks ordering app from the local restaurants but soon they realized their customers needed more so they added extended capabilities like, location finder, push notifications, special offers and more.

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Simple design

PizzApps main goal was to create a mobile app with simple design that will allow customers to place orders in less than 30 seconds while ensuring that users stay logged in to their apps. With their knowledge on customers and our desire to accept all challenges we made a success!


Customized orders

Each restaurant creates and maintains menus; customize additional ingredients and food options as well as meal sizes so that customers can order perfect meal that fit their taste. With each order, drinks and desserts can be added and sent to the restaurant, even on a poor Wi-Fi connection.


Personalized Promotions

Enhanced ordering experience is supported by built in the app location-aware features and user-recognition capabilities. By including GPS features while acquiring user data, PizzApp can send personalized promotions to the customers based on their current location for each restaurant.


Advanced user analytics

With embedded advanced analytics functionality, system has the possibility to utilize the audience that is geofenced and give them something really special and customized. Based on the order History and customer habits, PizzApp can make multiple target groups with different campaigns running same time.