Transaction System

Software solution for insurance companies

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    Guarenty Group

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    Design & Software Development

Transaction System is a complete software solution for insurance companies. The goal of the system is to automatize the complete sales process of insurance, credit tracking, invoice tracking, organization of employees, and also provide the top management of the company with reports. This web application is made like a custom solution for the specific needs of the client.



Considering the nature of business and work duties regarding financial details and transactions, security was one of the biggest challenges on this project. Today, the whole system is cloud-hosted, where the special attention is dedicated to the backup of the entire system and advanced monitoring tools.



To ensure that each system module works perfectly, we decided that automatic software testing should be deployed. Although it required additional development time, this approach enabled us to deliver a high-quality and stable solution.



Since the business model meant the expansion of capacities to new markets and franchise model, software architecture and its scalability were essential for the success of the project. At the client’s request, our software developers have successfully solved this challenge so that the Transaction System could quickly and easily support the growth and further development, without any stability or performance issues.


Module for Finance Management

When the contract is being created, the system automatically allocates fees, retailers and charges clients. It has automatic payment booking and creation of transfer orders, that are automatically forwarded to the bank.


Organization & Employees Performance Tracking

Work orders can be created, either automatically by the system, or manually by employees with appropriate privileges. After creating a work order and modifying its status, the system sends SMS and email notifications to responsible persons.



Transaction System has an advanced reporting system for the company’s management and advisory board. The reports provide insights into the performance of employees, resellers, planned sales, proceeded sales and company costs.

Each member of the top management has the ability to personalize reports in order to receive only relevant data.


Modul for Contact Center (CRM)

The employee, responsible for taking care of customers and generating new leads, has the ability to view its clients as well as communication history with them.

Based on previously entered data, the system automatically generates alerts and warnings that act as a reminder for the employees.