Android Application to support for drivers on the roads
15. May 2013.

Android application to support for drivers on the roads

We are informing you that mobile application „Putevi Srbije“ is made and put into operation for the purpose of easier communication and informing of citizens on road conditions and information important for traffic participants.

Mobile application „Putevi Srbije“ consists of nine fields:

  • ROADS – Situation on roads with information on traffic closures, traffic bans, unfavorable weather conditions and marks of toll stations, border crossings, police cameras and radar controls on the roads in Serbia, possible landslides, rockfalls, black spots, as well as information to drivers on the existing petrol stations and parking lots, shown on the map
  • MY ROUTE – Based on the origin and destination address of the route, the user has an option to calculate the closest route as well as to get information on road conditions on the selected route
  • TOLL – Users are enabled to obtain toll price if they set a certain route and vehicle category
  • INFORMATION – In this section, users can obtain the following: news, information on waiting or passability on toll stations
  • SERVICE REMINDER – Users are enabled to keep records on the servicing of their cars as well as monitoring of the costs
  • WEATHER FORECAST – It is enabled to get data on weather conditions for the upcoming three-day period for all towns in Serbia
  • IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS – In case of emergency, traffic participants are enabled to make direct phone calls by selecting the following: police, fire brigade, ambulance, AMSS – help on the road, weather data, international information and PE „Roads of Serbia“
  • NOTIFICATIONS – It is enabled to get information for towns selected in the given field
  • SETTING – For the purpose of personal adaptation to the user support service, users are enabled to manually change options in the application (language selection, lighting, font size, etc.)

In case of possible suggestions or remarks by users of the application, direct contact is enabled via info field – „i“.

Department for Public Relations provides electronic exchange of information referring to road conditions, which are displayed on the Enterprise webpage.

This application, titled „Putevi Srbije“ is on Google Play Store and it is available to the users of mobile phones, tablets, and laptops with Android platform in Serbian and English. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store free of charge.

Download application