Telenor Retail Mode

Custom solution for remote device management

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    Telenor group

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    Web & Mobile application development

Our team was challenged to optimize Telenor’s business processes in in terms of centralization of communication between central and retail shops as well as to improve and minimize the time spent on device management by retail shop managers. System consists of Web and mobile application installed on devices in retail shops.

This solution is successfully implemented in Serbia, Bulgaria and Montenegro that are the members of the Telenor group, one of the world's largest mobile telecommunications companies, that operates in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Asia.

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Draw store visitors attention

Marketing campaigns, promo messages or any other content that is presented on the demo units are usually predefined and controlled by the device manufacturer and they are hard to be changed.

Other words, regularly is not easy and sometimes not even possible to run mobile operator’s (retailers) campaigns and promotions on this no costly and accessible communication medium. Retail Mode System is designed to remotely manage content and promotional campaigns across all devices in retail stores. Content on all devices in all stores is synchronized by a single click of the remote administrator.


Make Restore point for android device

As telecom operator, Telenor has multiple retail stores where customers can step by, get informed on actual promotions and try the mobile devices before they decide to buy them.

Once visitors decide to try the device, they usually install some of their favourite applications, test device camera and other features relevant to them, while changing the preferred device configuration.

At the end of the day, store managers have to check all devices and restore its settings to initial state. This process require a lot of time on a daily basis.

Retail mode automatically does all work regularly so personnel can focus on customers, sales and other important tasks.


Advanced analytics

Component that gives an important insight into the usage and the behavior of the users visiting the store. This valuable data can then be used to plan future campaigns and even measure the success of the previous ones.

Collected data is of the same level of reliability as expensive market research efforts.

Data can be filtered by time range, particular store and several other parameters. For maximum flexibility, filtered or complete data can be exported to Excel, for further analysis.


Main features

  • Compatible with wide range of Android devices (OS version 2.3+)
  • Content and configurations managed remotely through CMS
  • Customizable settings for each device
  • Advanced configuration and password protection
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Detailed statistics