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FC Barcelona, the premium club from Catalunya, Spain, with over 200 million of online supporters worldwide. Who are known for their positive spirit and support and who follow FC Barcelona in the press, on tv and online. The heart of these supporters are the penyes. Penyes are official supporters clubs of FC Barcelona and their count is over 300.000 worldwide and growing every year. They are 100% committed members following and talking about FC Barcelona when and wherever they can. Culés as they are called.

The FCB World Penyes Federation will now be connected thanks to the “Penya” platform. The official FC Barcelona World Penyes Federation online platform and mobile apps for iOS and Android.

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The past & The future

Up until now, all communication was done by phone calls, emails and Facebook. It was slow, confusing and irritating. Privacy wasn’t guaranteed.

Thanks to the “Penya” platform and mobile apps, they are now connected with each other 24/7 over the whole world. Enabling to communicate and explore all news regarding FC Barcelona, the FCB World Penyes Federation and their own Penya.


Active participation of users

Find news and articles regarding the Penyes. News by Penya and federation news are easily found on homepage.

Get more people to become penyista and more people interested in starting their own Penya.

An easy way to communicate in your Penya and with your members.

Chat with every penya member.


Organise and promote events

An interactive calendar combines all events and news of what the penyes organize all over the world. Every Penya has its own private section in the platform which guarantees that all topics, news, polls and chats are only accessible by Penya members of your Penya and no other ones. Of course you can promote the evens you organize with your Penya thanks to the social share buttons and Penya admin can even post them on the virtual calendar for every Penya to see.


What Penya is about...

Bringing safe and private communication into your life. Discuss topics, news, create and join events, get correct information from your own network. Your data is your data. Create your own mobile friendly community.

This platform and mobile apps will enlighten the workload for each Penya President and Secretary and give them more insights in their own Penya at all time. The future is here…