Complete Event Branding & Design

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    International Business Council, Czech Republic

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    Branding, Design & Websites

Organizing an event is a very demanding process and it requires the whole team to get it done on time, fulfilling high attendee expectations. We’ve been selected as a design team for complete branding of a few international events that were held over Asia and Europe.


Logo Design

Since every event was crafted for a different targeted audience and was held in different countries and for various cultures, we were challenged to create a complete branding set for each event. The starting point for each event was logo and color scheme, where we had to come out with few proposals to be chosen from.


Complete Branding Set

Soon after the identity was defined, we’ve started to design other web and printed materials that were needed for starting the event organization. We had to produce „everything visual“ for these events, including conceptualization and design of materials from banners, event guides, invitations, letters, nametags, and tickets.


Event Program Guide

Each event program guide contained different information related to the event and attendees. Some of these contained interesting facts about the location, important interviews and opinions on trending topics, but all of them had unique look and feel.


Responsive Website

Each event had to be backed up with the event website, which had to offer additional features such as event subscriptions, regular updates on confirmed speakers or agenda, notifications regarding attendees, any program changes and much more. Every website needed to be made with style, following design guidelines.